Healthcare Printing

Popular Products for Healthcare Industry Printing


Flyers are good for spreading news and developments around a hospital or doctor’s office.

Lobby Posters

Lobby Posters share important information or directions on the grounds of your hospital.

Direct Mail

Direct mail and direct mail services spread news to patients and clients in the comfort of their homes.

Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders are a professional way to share documents and information with patients.


Postcards make great reminders of appointments for patients.


Brochures are useful for sharing information about illnesses and treatment.


Booklets can be used for community report books to report a wide variety of news and events.


Envelopes with custom art or logos are useful for sending bills and receipts.


Signage is a versatile and professional way to give directions, designate areas and present important messages.

How U.S. Press Works with the Healthcare Industry

Print marketing has a longstanding relationship with the healthcare industry. Since the inception of modern medical practice, health officials’ communication with patients and care-recipients has been of the utmost importance. U.S. Press has the print marketing products to get that most essential job done, quickly and efficiently, every time. Posters and other large format items are great for sharing information in hospitals, doctor’s offices and classrooms. Presentation folders, envelopes and other custom stationery deliver the flyers, brochures and booklets needed to keep patients informed and up to date. Keep the ones that rely on your services informed and up-to-date with quality print marketing materials from U.S. Press.

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