Education Printing

Popular Products for Schools and Universities


Calendars can be used for a variety of purposes, including school or athletic schedules.

Code of Conduct Books

Code of Conduct Books work to keep students and parents informed of school conduct rules.

Football Programs

Football Programs or other athletic programs are useful, memorable marketing pieces for school athletic departments.

Yard Signs

Yard Signs can be used for giving directions or sharing information around campus or in parking lots.

Light Pole Banners

Light Pole Banners add a unique but effective marketing measure to streets and parking lots.


Stickers with school logos or mascots can be used to label documents and spread school spirit.


Notecards serve a variety of purposes in office settings and can carry designs and logos.

Banner Stands

Banner Stands can flesh out offices, auditoriums and conference areas. 

Floor Decals

Floor decals are a simple and easy way to add directions and messages for foot traffic in your building.

How U.S. Press Works with School Systems

Through our years of working with school systems great and small, we’ve learned from the relationships we’ve built how important it is for universities and school systems to communicate with students, parents, employees and administrators. Successful school systems rely on print marketing products to keep lines of communication open and consistent, helping their schools grow and prosper.

Our suite of print marketing products is proven to meet all the needs school and university administrators can anticipate. From athletics calendars to dress code memos, school systems rely on print to keep students, parents and employees abreast of news and information. Booklets and flyers keep information flowing from administration to parents, while indoor and outdoor signage, stationery and calendars and even stickers or labels lend your school the air of professionalism it deserves. Count on U.S. Press to deliver consistent results and quality products for your school or university every time.

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