Size: 24" x 48", 32" x 48", 48" x 48", or 96" x 48"

Material: 10 mm Coroplast

Printing: Full Color Front, Blank Back (4/0) or Full Color Both Sides (4/4)

Artwork: Print-Ready PDFs Preferred

Heavy Duty Coroplast Signs from U.S. Press

Coroplast (corrugated plastic) is an excellent material for low cost long term indoor and short term outdoor signage. Our heavy duty coroplast signs are perfect for when you need a large sign to display outdoors for months at a time. It's a great option for political campaigns and new business openings.

Heavy Duty Coroplast Signs FAQ

What's the difference between heavy duty coroplast signs and regular coroplast signs?
Whereas regular coroplast signs (yard signs) are printed on 4 mm coroplast, heavy duty coroplast signs are printed on 10 mm coroplast, which is a thicker, more durable corrugated plastic material.

What's the main advantage of heavy duty coroplast? Why should I choose this sign?
Heavy duty coroplast is just like it's name sounds - it's a thick, durable coroplast material great for when you need outdoor signage for several months at a time. In particular, it's best used for larger coroplast signs that you would display in between two posts. The 10 mm coroplast is more durable, so when a large sign like this is displayed between posts, it can withstand wind better than 4 mm coroplast and thus doesn't bend like a thinner coroplast material would.

Is this a permanent sign?
No, we would call this type of sign more of an intermediate-term outdoor sign. It can withstand wind, rain, and sunlight, but is best used for several months at a time rather than years. Again, the thicker nature of this material can help a large size sign resist bending/wind damage, but coroplast is best used for campaigns, public notices, announcements, and grand openings rather than permanent storefront signage. For a more permanent solution, check out our metal signs.

Heavy duty coroplast signs are printed on 10 mm coroplast, which is a high quality corrugated plastic material great for medium-term outdoor usage.

Document size: Same size as final trim size of piece

Bleed: Set your bleed to 1" on all sides

Safe Area: Set your margins to 1.25" and keep all important elements (logos, text, and images that do not bleed) within these margins

Resolution: 100 PPI for all images is strongly recommended for best print quality

File Type: PDFs are preferred

Uploading files: You can upload files directly to this product page by clicking "Upload Your File & Order Now". Or, if you'd prefer to send your file(s) a different way, you can send files here.

If you need any help with creating your print ready artwork, please give us a call at 800-227-7377 or email us at

Proofing: After you place your order and upload your artwork, our prepress team will begin inspecting your files to ensure your document size, bleed lines, margins, image resolution, and more are correct in order for the best print quality. They will email you a soft proof (PDF) for your approval prior to printing. Most proofs are sent within 1 business day of order placement; more complex art files can sometimes take longer. Soft proofing is an easy way to see what your finished product will look like and make sure the content is correct. However, soft proofing is not intended for exact color matching. Every monitor displays color differently, and on backlit screens, colors may appear lighter than the actual colors contained in your files. If color matching is critical, please give us a call at 800-227-7377 to order a hard proof.

Production Time: Production time begins after proof approval and is the time required to produce your order before it ships. It is calculated in business days, starting at the next occurrence of 9:00 AM Eastern on the 1st business day after the proof is approved. U.S. Press is closed Saturdays, Sundays and all major holidays; thus, these days are not included in the production schedule.