Political Campaign Printing

Popular Products for Political Campaigns

Yard Signs

Yard Signs are the most popular and useful printed piece for political campaigns.

Door Hangers

Door Hangers are a unique marketing product for door-to-door campaigning that leaves a memorable impression.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail gets your name and message out to a wide number of voters. 

Business Cards

Business Cards are an essential marketing tool for sharing your name and platform.


Flyers can rally support or direct attention to campaign events.

Rack Cards

Rack Cards are a simple, cost-effective way to get eyes on your campaign.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper Stickers are a classic marketing tool to spread your name all over town.


Stickers are a fun promotional tool to make your message stick.


Spread your message in a big and bold format with professionally printed banners.

How U.S. Press Works with Political Campaigns

Winning elections means winning votes, and it takes serious name recognition to drive those voters to the polls. Print marketing has a winning record with political campaigns, with quality print marketing products a staple of successful elections at every level across the country. U.S. Press has the full suite of products you can count on to spread the news of your political campaign. Direct mail options like postcards or flyers are a time-tested way of getting your name out to voters. Signage like yard signs and banners spread the message in a large, eye-catching format. Looking for other ideas? Try bumper stickers, door hangers, or stickers to hand out. Team up with U.S. Press to ensure victory in your next election through print marketing campaigns that make a difference.

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